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We are a technology startup working in the field of artificial intelligence and drones for the agriculture sector. We enable governments, agribusinesses, and private farms to develop smart, cost-effective solutions that deliver efficiency, safety, and productivity. We are proud to be an Omani startup with 100% Omani staff and management. We are also proud to be the first company certified by the CAA as commercial drone pilots, and we are the first company to conduct aerial pollination of palm trees.


Date Palm Pollination

Drones integrated with artificial intelligence to pollinate the date palm trees. The drone is occupied with a tank and nozzles that sprays liquid(mixed of water and pollen powder) and dry pollen (Mixed of dry pollen with other powder materials) for each tree by 20x faster than conventional way.

Artificial Intelligence Models

The AI model for date palm tree pollination tracking.

Pesticide spray

Locusts Spray

Date palm trees disease

Crops spray


Yield Health Monitoring

The drone is equipped with special imaging equipment/sensors  that use detailed colors information/Index to indicate plant health. This allows farmers to monitor crops as they grow so any problems can be dealt with fast enough to save the plants.


The drone is occupied with AI-powered sensor to plant the seeds into the designated areas. The system can be used for any type of seeding.

Trees counting/Agricultural census

The Fixed-wing drone is occupied with AI-powered sensor/camera that is using computer vision to detect and count the targeted trees. Trees can be easily identified in terms of number and type.

Wakan Tech engineers and developers believe that the new technology could change the world, especially in the agriculture industry. We have developed the most innovative solutions to fit exactly the trees planted in the Middle East and MENA region. Most equipment and tools that we are using are built by us.

Our goal is to add our technology touches in the agriculture industry to motivate young farmers to take care of their farms themselves. However, the AI models will help to diagnose the farm health and make the appropriate decision in case if there is a problem. We are looking forward to automate the whole process in order to get high efficiency on farming operations


The aerial pollination experiment of date palm trees farm in Al Sinanah in Al Burami Governorate was in a form of liquid spray

The liquid pollination experiment of date palm trees in Muscat with the MAFWR

Combat Dubas palm pest in Al Dakhiliyah region in Samail by using drones

Spraying of sterilizers in collaboration with Muscat Municipality to confront the Corona Virus (COVID-19) to sterilize and disinfect the public sites in the Wilayat of Seeb by using Unmmaned Aircraft System.


Disease control by using drones to spray insects and mosquitoes in hard to reach places

Aerial pesticides spraying of Brontispa Longissima for the coconut palm trees by using drones.


E. Younis Al Siyabi

Co-Founder and CEO

E. Malik Al Toubi

Co-Founder and COO

Khadija Al Siyabi

Sales & Marketing Executive

Munir Al Siyabi

Drone Operator

Abdulraheem Al Sheraiqi

Drone Operator


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