Aerial Pollination UAV

When it comes to pollinate a very large amount of date palm trees in such a short time, it will need a faster process for a successful pollination. Our AI powered drones that are specialized to spray pollen into the date palm trees, will do it 20x faster than conventional way. These drones can pollinate the date palm trees by using LIQUID (Mixture of water and pollen powder) and DRY POLLEN (Mixture of dry pollen with other powder materials).

Pesticides Spraying UAV

Hiring a helicopter for pesticide spray holds a risk to the public and costly to the authorities. Our drones are capable of spraying pesticides targeting the only diseased date palm trees by using the power of AI (Detection/ Computer Vision). The drones can cover thousands of acres of the tress by targeted spraying with zero waste.

Crops Health Monitoring

Crop health monitoring using Remote Sensing and ancillary information using GIS is mandatory to maintain the high productivity of the yields. Our technology would scan the entire farm within minutes and indicate any health issues on the trees. Our aim is to spot the exact infected trees and direct the spraying drone to spray the medicine to that particular tree only.

Artificial Intelligence Models

We are operating our unmanned Aircraft Vehicles with the power of artificial intelligence in each farm based on the needs. We have built in house our own algorithms and models for multiple tasks including recognition and detection for a fast and autonomous process. Our vision is to build a data base for the entire country’s date palm trees in terms of types and certification of birth that will last for decades.

Harvesting Robot (Bidar)

We are glad to have the first robot that has been built by Omani inventors. The robot is replacing the farmer’s duty when it comes to the harvesting season. This robot has been trained by using AI (Image Processing/ Machine Learning) to fulfil the process of harvesting the dates in different timelines.

Wakan Tech engineers and developers believe that the new technology could change the world, especially in the agriculture industry. We have developed the most innovative solutions to fit exactly the trees planted in the Middle East and MENA region. Most equipment and tools that we are using are built by us.

Our goal is to add our technology touches in the agriculture industry to motivate young farmers to take care of their farms themselves. However, the AI models will help to diagnose the farm health and make the appropriate decision in case if there is a problem. We are looking forward to automate the whole process in order to get high efficiency on farming operations

Wakan Tech is a company that put different industries on one large and powerful solution designed to solve the most intractable problems in agriculture industry. We use robotics, Artificial Intelligence, IOT, and Drones to do different farming tasks.
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Co-Founder & CEO
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Co-Founder & COO
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